Laura and Pablo are kind, warm-hearted and generous souls and it was a privilege to celebrate their love on this day in A Coruña with them and their family and friends. They got married in the Ayuntamiento in María Pita square in the centre of A Coruña, a beautiful, regal building followed by the celebration in the amazing Michelin starred restaurant of Árbore da Veira, and awesome place to celebrate your wedding if you’re into good food and wine, but who isn’t?! Aside from the world-class food, Árbore da Veira is worth the visit even just for the views of the whole city with the Torre de Hercules clearly visible as well as the rest of the city, an amazing spot for some epic couples portraits. The guests watched the sunset over the city from the dancefloor, ‘cubata’ in hand  and stayed there dancing to the tunes from Más Music DJs. 

Laura y Pablo