Another wedding with a fun mix of cultures, Céline being from Switzerland and Roby from Galicia. Pazo de Cores is always a beautiful venue, the ceremonies under the enormous ancient oak tree offering one of the most unique vistas for a wedding ceremony in Galicia. The dancing was wild with Céline and her friends (pole dancing experts all of them) putting on a show of acrobatics on the dance floor. Roby and Céline have a great, quirky sense of humour, their personalized Nike dancing shoes for later in the evening testament to this. We got spectacular light for a quick five-minute photo session with the setting sun before everyone returned to the dance floor and stayed there for the rest of the night. As always at Pazo de Cores, this was a beautiful, fun and highly memorable wedding. 

Roberto y Céline

Pazo de cores, negreira - August 2022