Well this one was a fun one! Right from the beginning of the process I connected with Yoli and David, from our first video call when Yoli had lost her voice and just communicated through heart symbols with her hands, I knew these were my kind of people haha. The venue of Rectoral de Ansemil is a perfect location with a beautiful, wooded area in the grounds for the ceremony and stunning food. We ate lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven, which was pretty epic. Right from the start of the meal the dancing had already begun and between courses the dining hall would turn into an impromptu dance off between the different tables. The staff at Rectoral de Ansemil were warm and attentive and really let the party flow, which is always a treat. I may or may not have still been at the wedding at 5 am partying with the guests and Yoli and David (keen observers might spot me in the pictures), but that’s a story for another moment ; )

Wedding Planner: Luz De Invierno Eventos

Yoli Y David

Rectoral de Ansemil, Ourense - September 2022