I’m a nomadic soul and thrill-seeker, and photography is my way to document my adventures.

Life moves unstoppably fast, but photos offer a return ticket to a time gone by; a way to preserve the fleeting moments of our existence.  

While shots of rugged landscapes remain unchanged throughout the years, it’s the shots of you and your loved ones that truly freeze a moment in time. 

The glow on the faces of the people you love, the tiny details you may have missed. That sweet hit of nostalgia, as you look back on the most special day of your life.

Nice to meet you, I'm Sam. 

A Little About me

Photography was a passion, before it became a profession. Some of my earliest memories are watching my father take photos on family holidays. 

From a young age, I was fascinated with the art of it all. The way it made memories tangible. The way we could preserve our most precious moments on film, to look back on for a lifetime. A box of old 35mm prints from my childhood is among my most precious possessions. 
Your wedding album will become this for you. 

Now, as a father myself, I’ve taken on the role of recording these milestones. To reminisce, and pause these precious moments in time. This is the essence of my photography. 

It’s not just capturing the highlight reel; it’s the everyday, the seemingly mundane. Photos to fill in the blanks, that’ll one day fade from memory.

"photography to me is more than art, it's a way to remember"


What Inspires me

I’m a people-person at heart. An observer, a lover of human connection. Conveying the depths of your relationships inspires everything that I do. 

I shoot it all; the cake, the venue, the dress, the rings. But nothing prompts a feeling more visceral than shots of you and your loved ones, and I’m all about the feelings. 

Capturing your intimate moments, your quirks, your family dynamics. Your story is unique - so tell it like it is.

“create epic experiences full of connection and joy and the photos will follow.”

My Fav Things

Behind the Lens

Your wedding is a celebration, and it should feel that way. 
When did we decide throwing a party was so serious?

This is your time to let your hair down. And with me by your side, you can feel at ease. 
As the eyes of your event, I’m guided by your flow. 
No interruptions, minimal staged shots. Simply telling your story, as it unfolds. 

I’ll be with the guests in the thick of the action. 
Archiving moments from the best day of your life. 
And don’t expect me to be packing up just as the party is getting going: where’s the fun in that?

the best experiences come from embracing the imperfections

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My Fav Things

What inspires me

I’ve been exploring the wild shores of Galicia since moving from the UK in 2010. It’s here I’ve found my home, my source of inspiration, and my sanctuary from life’s darker days. 

Forever immersing myself in nature, you’ll find me scaling mountains, kayaking to offshore islands or out amongst the surf. Never missing a chance to capture the sights along the way. 

No stranger to a high-pressure environment; you can count on me to be calm and collected when it comes to your wedding day. Whatever and wherever your adventure, count me in. 

I also love to travel, some of the countries I've visited include; Mexico, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Georgia, Russia, Ghana, El Salvador, Morocco, and India.   

That said, nothing inspires my creativity more than good cinema. Favourite films include; No Country For Old Men, Blade Runner 2049, Little Miss Sunshine, Inception, Arrival, La La Land, There Will Be Blood, Marriage Story, Romeo and Juliet (the Baz Luhrmann one) I could go on forever here lol.

Recent favourite TV series include Succession, The White Lotus, Dark, True Detective (season one), Fargo, and The End of the Fucking World

I have a very eclectic taste in music but love anything that gets me dancing, and it's not hard to get me dancing haha. If you want to get me a drink on the dance floor, mine's a Gin and Tonic ; ) 

beers round the campfire, oysters on a french waterfront, snowy mountaintops and surf rich coasts,  new places, experiences, learning something new every day. but most of all it's the human connection. It's all about the people you meet along the way. 

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Yesterday was a dream come true and in large part this was due to Sam. More than an everyday vendor, it felt like having just another friend/guest extra at the wedding. His guidance, support and dedication were crucial in making sure the wedding day was as happy as it was. 

Yoli & David

It’s difficult for me to write this review, everything I could say falls short. Sam, is the best in the world. He is everywhere capturing every single moment, every laugh, dance, tear. He communicates every feeling in his photos. He is just one more member of the family and it’s obvious that everything he does, he does with a lot of care and affection. Fun, friendly, affectionate, and super professional. 

Tamara & Dimas

A professional, an artist, and an amazing person.The connection with Sam has always been exceptional and we now consider him a friend. Without question we’d recommend him and would choose him again. 

Mónica & Rafa

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Your love through my lens -
a time capsule of future memories.

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