May 30, 2024

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wedding venue in Galicia - Pazo Señorans

When couples set about planning their big day, the first really important consideration is the venue: what place will provide the perfect setting for tying the knot?  It is no surprise that couples from all over Spain and even further afield are flocking to one region rich in history and tradition, with stunningly romantic landscapes and unique architecture.  This region is Galicia, land of folklore and natural beauty, and it offers couples some of the most enchanting wedding venues in Spain. Here are five of my favourites, each one of them a wedding venue that is bound to wow your guests and to make your special day unforgettable.

Wedding Venue in Galicia 1:

Pazo Señorans

Nestled in a picturesque vineyard, Pazo Señorans is a magnificent manor house full of traditional charm and grandeur: it’s a wedding venue out of a romantic dream. A suite of  beautiful and elegant interior spaces gives way to a glorious central hall, allowing you to hold the ceremony, dinner, and party all in one location. Imagine exchanging vows next to a traditional Galician hórreo, amidst the lush grapevines, then dancing the night away in a beautiful lamplit courtyard. This incredibly picturesque setting is all about the romance: Pazo Señorans is hard to beat as a perfect wedding venue in Galicia.

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Wedding Venue in Galicia 2:

Pazo do Faramello

For a wedding immersed in Galicia with a big focus on nature, Pazo do Faramello is unparalleled.  It is renowned as one of the most beautiful manor houses in Galicia, and couples are immediately enthralled by its distinctive character and atmosphere.  Sitting serenely on the banks of a stately river, deep in the green Galicia countryside, Pazo do Faramello exudes ‘enxebre’ vibes, perfect for a quintessentially Galician wedding. The outdoor ceremony area is breathtakingly atmospheric, making it a fantastic spot to celebrate love amidst nature. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Galicia that showcases the region’s natural beauty, Pazo do Faramello is for you.

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Wedding Venue in Galicia 3:

Pazo de Sergude

It is easy to see why this is often called the “bosque mágico”, the magical forest: Pazo de Sergude offers a unique wedding experience under a glorious and romantic woodland canopy.  Guests can gather for aperitivos in the old Pazo buildings and patio around the picturesque fountain, while the wedding breakfast and the party take place in a fabulous greenhouse in the forest, its glass walls and roof providing an immersive woodland experience. Renowned for the quality of its catering- it offers some of the most sumptuous dining in Galicia – Pazo de Sergude is a natural first choice for foodies seeking a unique wedding venue – one with a touch of magic. Without doubt one of the best and most-sought after wedding venues in Galicia, and with good reason!

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Wedding Venue in Galicia 4:

Pazo do Tambre

Located near the coast in Noia, Pazo do Tambre shares a name with the mighty tidal river that it overlooks: it’s a stunningly beautiful venue on a generous scale, perfect for larger weddings. There are plenty of options here: you can choose to exchange your vows in one of the elegant buildings of the old Pazo, or – for a more traditional vibe – in the quaint village church just 200 meters away. The grounds are magnificent: the picturesque Tambre winds through the grounds, and the bridge over ponds, reminiscent of a Monet painting,  adds a touch of artistic beauty to the venue. If you’re planning a grand celebration and need a spacious wedding venue in Galicia, Pazo do Tambre is ideal.

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Wedding Venue in Galicia 5:

Pazo de Cores

The ceremonial space at Pazo de Cores is jaw-droopingly gorgeous, with immaculate gardens dominated by an enormous, stately hundred-year-old oak tree.  It’s a natural and historic backdrop, steeped in silence, for the exchanging of vows. This venue features a range of aesthetically-pleasing outdoor spaces: guests can gather convivially for aperitivos in one area, then move to another for the celebratory party with a live band. The getting-ready space retains the charming old Pazo vibes – the past is respected, even venerated here – while the purpose-built dining and party space can accommodate a large number of guests. With beautiful sunset views, a sense of history and first-rate cuisine, Pazo de Cores is clearly one of the finest wedding venues in Galicia.

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Galicia’s wedding venues are as diverse as they are beautiful, each offering something unique for your special day. Whether you prefer a vineyard, a lush green setting, a magical forest, a coastal venue, or a venerable old oak tree, Galicia has the perfect wedding venue for you.  All you have to do is decide which of these best fulfils your vision for the way you want to exchange your vows and  make your wedding day a truly unforgettable experience.

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